Just like anything else…everything has an origin.  It is a path of devotion to a belief of something greater than yourself.  It is a path that has been walked, leading you to your final destination. A lifetime of dedication to servicing, producing and offering only the finest cannabis products, while committing our lives to the contribution of this community.  We started this journey well before now…hence the Est. 2000. This is when we produced our first cannabis oils.


A group of friends with a common bond - the love of cannabis-  saw early on that there was something happening in the California Medical Cannabis Movement that was beginning to taking shape in 2000.  Following this cultural renaissance, they moved out to California to become a part of this movement. While there, they were introduced to the newly birthed cannabis medical marijuana movement, which sprouted and grew recreational cannabis as it stand today.   


It was the opening of a door of consciousness and enlightenment of sensibilities that have led us right here, right now.  It was a moment of time of the feeling of the momentum of the wave to come, but still at the stage of the movement where you had to learn this new version of the Cannabis Movement.  


From the beginning, we always knew one thing…offer that thing that people cannot say no to, and you never have to worry about where its going to go.  So, we set out to align ourselves with the best growers, the best genetics, and people who were innovators in this field. From there, we began building the brand which has now today become Dabstract.


There has been so much trial and error.  Lessons learned. We have had many years to learn the pitfalls of the industry.  Experiencing this industry from its very infancy, to continuing to be an established purveyor of fine cannabis products today, we have been able to truly “sharpen our swords” along the way.  Gaining the industry insight to consistently deliver what we do best.


What we have gathered along the way is what we call Dabstract, a brand of quality, servicing Cannabis Community of the WA and beyond.  It is with our deepest gratitude, and our utmost appreciation to you, the person who can appreciate a fine product and what it took to get here now…

Pillars of Dabstract

The People

For us it has always been and will always be about the people.  From our industry partners, our employees, our customers, to our community - we are people first.  We strive to promote healthy living and honor each individual’s lifestyle and life path. We hold great value in the empowerment of all people through the use of cannabis as a medicine or for simply recreational enjoyment. From the connoisseur to the price conscious buyer, we do our best to make sure there is something for everyone from Dabstract.

The Plant

Our passion for the cannabis plant, and its many beneficial applications, fuel the driving force behind Dabstract.  As time passes, we continue to deepen our understanding of the various components of the plant and the ways it benefits and enhances people's lives. Through this endeavor, we seek to provide consumers with experiencing the true essence of this miraculous plant through its various full spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, compounds and isolates.

The Ethos

Quality starts at square one. That is why we only work with groups that engage in clean, ethical, and sustainable cultivation practices. From consistency of the source genetics along with the cultivation techniques, to the purging of our oils to zero ppm, we take all the necessary steps throughout our process to make sure that the result of our work is nothing but 100% pure unadulterated cannabis oils.

The Planet

Our intention is to be good stewards of this shiny blue ball that we call our home. That is precisely why it is of paramount importance to Dabstract to operate with practices that keep the focus on leaving a minimal impact on our planet.  In every decision we make, we strive to make sure that they are made in the spirit of preserving the planet as well as the overall health of its inhabitants. It is a fact that we all collectively share the same Mother - Mother Earth that is!

Stay Well, Stay High, Stay Healthy...
— The Dabstract Family