Our Story

We produced our first cannabis oils in 2000. But our story began earlier. It began with a belief in something greater than ourselves. It began with a common bond over our love of cannabis. Dabstract was born as we honed our craft to offer to our community only the finest cannabis products and positive cannabis experiences.


Seeing the cannabis cultural renaissance that was taking shape in California, we synced up there in 2000 to seize the opportunity. Not only did we experience the burgeoning recreational cannabis market as both a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and simultaneously wrought with risk. We experienced a shift in consciousness: something personally meaningful to us was gaining footing in ever greater circles, and we were at the precipice to share what we knew best.

From the beginning, we always knew one thing: offer something people cannot say no to, and you never have to worry about where it’s going to go. We aligned ourselves with the best growers, the best genetics, and innovative minds. We began building the brand that is now Dabstract.

We have come a long way: navigating through the new frontier, growing with the industry, continuing to learn from science and technology, and ceaselessly honing our craft and technical expertise. Dabstract is marked by a higher standard of quality, borne of our appreciation for the plant and those we share it with.


Our ethos

The People

People have always been the core and pulse of what we do. It is the people - our industry partners, employees, customers, and community that infuse our work with inspiration and purpose. With this value for people, we strive to honor healthy living and individual expression. We value cannabis as medicine to improve people’s lives. We do our best to offer something for everyone: the connoisseur, the dabbler, or a person seeking chronic relief.


The Plant

The plant continues to amaze us - on the farm, in the lab, and in the body. As we continue to deepen our understanding, we find new ways for our extracts to embody its essence. The plant lends itself to everything from beautiful flowers almost too pretty to smoke to glassy shatter, fresh aromatic extracts, and 99%+ pure crystals. And yet, as we continue to learn and research continues to shed new light, the plant continues to hold mystery.


The Ethos

Quality starts at square one: we work only with farms that use clean and sustainable cultivation practices. We carry that quality into our manufacturing, assuring our oils have nothing unwanted, testing to 0 PPM of residual solvents. We take the necessary steps throughout our process so our results are nothing but 100% pure, unadulterated cannabis oils.


The Planet

Our intention is to be good stewards of this blue ball we call home. We aim to leave a minimal impact, aligning our company decisions and daily practices with the planet’s preservation as well as the overall health of its inhabitants. After all, we all collectively share the same Mother - Mother Earth!