Features Overview

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The People

For us it has always been and will always be about the people.  From our industry partners, our employees, our customers, to our community - we are people first.  We strive to promote healthy living and honor each individual’s lifestyle and life path. We hold great value in the empowerment of all people through the use of cannabis as a medicine or for simply recreational enjoyment. From the connoisseur to the price conscious buyer, we do our best to make sure there is something for everyone from Dabstract.


The Planet 

Our passion for the cannabis plant, and its many beneficial applications, fuel the driving force behind Dabstract.  As time passes, we continue to deepen our understanding of the various components of the plant and the ways it benefits and enhances people's lives. Through this endeavor, we seek to provide consumers with experiencing the true essence of this miraculous plant through its various full spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, compounds and isolates.


The Ethos

Quality starts at square one. That is why we only work with groups that engage in clean, ethical, and sustainable cultivation practices. From consistency of the source genetics along with the cultivation techniques, to the purging of our oils to zero ppm, we take all the necessary steps throughout our process to make sure that the result of our work is nothing but 100% pure unadulterated cannabis oils.

The Planet

Our intention is to be good stewards of this shiny blue ball that we call our home. That is precisely why it is of paramount importance to Dabstract to operate with practices that keep the focus on leaving a minimal impact on our planet.  In every decision we make, we strive to make sure that they are made in the spirit of preserving the planet as well as the overall health of its inhabitants. It is a fact that we all collectively share the same Mother - Mother Earth that is!